Leverage Your Planned Giving Legacy Society

You’ve heard the quote: People don’t remember what you’ve said, they remember how you made them feel.

You’ve seen it in fundraising. When your donors feel valued and appreciated, their loyalty and affinity to your organization deepens.

One often underutilized way to show appreciation to your donors is through Legacy Society.

Like the VIP Reception before an event, the Legacy Society provides a way for you to honor a specific group of people. When those in the larger group see this acknowledgement, it increases their interest. It’s natural for them to ask: How do I become part of that group?

Your Legacy Society provides a way to show appreciation to your donors.

How do you use your Legacy Society to attract members and make them feel special?

Number One: Share The Story of Why They Joined the Legacy Society

Your donor’s story explains not only what motivated them to give, but it also helps other donors understand the impact this type of gift can have.

When you share these stories through email, newsletter, and direct mail, you show that it’s possible for “ordinary people” to make a big impact on your mission.

Brochures and invitations provide another powerful way to make donors aware of your Legacy Society.

Beautifully designed promotional materials give you the opportunity to:

  • show appreciation
  • recognize current members
  • explain the benefits of a planned gift
  • highlight different gift types
  • provide bequest language

Once a donor becomes part of the inner circle of your Legacy Society, it’s critical to steward them. It’s not a “set it and forget it” type of relationship.

You’ll find some donors want recognition; others don’t. Some want invitations to attend special events; others prefer a personal call. But everyone agrees on this: a Thank You is appropriate and everyone deserves to be appreciated.


Number Two: Thank Donors

Donors may want different levels of recogniztion, but there is one thing every donor wants: an authentic thank you.

In fact, according to studies referenced in an article at Bloomerang, “donors who were thanked gave twice as much as those who were not thanked.”

That’s a powerful ROI for a little gratitude.

Further, follow up after a Thank You showed “donors [gave] 3 to 4 times as much.”


Make Donors FEEL

If you’re wondering how you can make donors *feel* good about their connection to your organization, the secret is your Legacy Society. You can effectively steward members of your Legacy Society, and one of the easiest ways to do it is through an authentic thank you or a thank-you campaign that acknowledges donors and makes them feel appreciated and valued.

Promote Your Legacy Society

Thank Donors with a Campaign that Highlights Your Legacy Society:

  • Share donor stories
  • Invite donors to join
  • Highlight the benefits of a planned gift
  • Provide bequest language for an attorney or financial planner

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