Check “marketing” off your “To Do” list.

You work hard to raise money for your important mission. And if you’re like most people in development, you could you use a little help. That’s where we, your organization’s planned giving marketing experts, come in.

We’re in business to make your job easier.

The job of a fundraiser keeps getting more and more complicated. Today, there’s more pressure than ever to engage prospects at multiple touchpoints






Social Media

Landing Pages



and More...

It can be overwhelming.

As your marketing partner, we’ll create unique, engaging personalized marketing that gives you what you want: more prospects with less work.

We’ve been helping fundraisers and development specialists like you for over 25 years. We’ve seen a lot of changes. But, one thing has stayed the same: people.

That’s why at PGM, we create relationships with fundraisers. We give them the support they need through personal attention. And we hold firm to industry best practices so they get the results they need through personalized marketing.

Personal Attention.

When you hire us, you get more than content, you get a whole staff who works to ensure your success.

We’re your marketing partners. Our clients say the biggest differences between working with us instead of other marketing agencies are that we listen to their needs and stay flexible.

That’s because we understand the nature of your work.

Fundraisers wear many different hats and get pulled in a hundred different directions. Personal attention is crucial to your success. We’re here to relieve your stress, not add to it.

Personalized Marketing.

In an automated world, it’s tempting to send prospects mass produced, canned messages.

But the first rule of effective marketing is to make the message personalized. “One-size-fits-all” marketing that swaps out a logo and color scheme doesn’t work. It may get mediocre engagement, but imagine the opportunities you’re missing because prospects ignore boring, generic content.

You deserve better.

At PGM, we’ll show you how personalized messages, the standard for effective marketing, get measurably higher results over templated content.


What do you think you’re more likely to read: a chart detailing tax benefit highlights or an inspiring story? Your donors feel the same way. The right story inspires people and it drives results.

When donors see people just like themselves making planned gifts, they understand they can do it, too. They feel hope that there really is a way to impact the future and achieve their philanthropic intentions.

At PGM, we’ll share your stories—real, life-changing stories that are proven to inspire donors.

Don’t let the stress of marketing ruin your day, make you hate your job, and leave you feeling discouraged. Instead, choose a partner who relieves your stress and gives you beautiful, personalized marketing material that resonates with your donors so you and your organization get the results you need.

Contact us now to lose the stress.