How to be a fly on the wall (and identify planned giving donors!)

Wouldn’t it be great if your planned giving prospects called you every time they found your marketing interesting?

Of course it would … but, unfortunately, we both know they don’t … but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested!

Take a look at this screenshot:

This is a picture of the PGM Dashboard for one of our clients.

You can see from this marketing report (blurred to protect privacy) that several planned giving prospects opened the email campaigns 20+ times, but they didn’t reply, click the links, or submit a form.

We call these prospects “shy donors.”

They’re clearly interested, but they aren’t comfortable enough to make the first move.

As a fundraiser, this is your opportunity to break the ice and invite them into the conversation. You already know what to talk about–they opened your email 20+ times!

This data shows us plenty of donors are ready to talk–even if your phone isn’t ringing.

If you want to leverage data like this, let’s schedule a time to talk so you can see what it would be like to view which donors might be interested in planned gifts!

Schedule a call:

Planned Giving Marketing Messages that Have Been Tested, Tried, and Proven to Work.

Get an all-inclusive, single-price planned giving marketing solution that sends your donors tested-and-proven messages at scheduled times throughout the year. You'll be able to see who has engaged, so you have more confidence knowing who to call.

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