Spark Interest in Making a Planned Gift

Have more conversations with more donors through powerful, personal invitational marketing.



Much of what passes as planned giving marketing today is really just an education about gift types.

But your marketing needs to inspire donors and invite them to contact you. The education comes after they contact you–when you can talk about a specific gift that meets their goals.

If you opted for “education-style” marketing, it could be why you aren’t getting the results you want.

Instead, choose a marketing message PROVEN to work with donors.

Remind donors of the importance of your mission.

Inspire donors with stories of people "just like them" who have made an impact.

Invite them to contact you to talk about their legacy plans.

The All-in-One Planned Giving Marketing Solution PROVEN to Work

Winning Strategy – Focus On the Three “I’s”

Focus on the IMPACT of a planned gift (rather than the actual gift type).

Use INCLUSIVE language so donors realize people just like them can make a gift.

Be INVITING so people know you’re always available to talk about making a planned gift.

Tested & Proven Success

Persuasive and emotive language prompts donors to respond to your invitation

Compelling and rich donor testimonials inspire donors to join their peers in making a gift

Highly customized so people make a fast emotional connection

12 impressions/year ensure your organization is top of mind

Multiple touch points reinforce your message both digitally and in print

Beautifully designed content reinforces the brand of your organization

Websites and landing pages provide 24/7 access to donor stories

Free, lead-generating resources help interested donors identify themselves

Outstanding Service

Good bye DIY... Hello DFY. The All-in-One, Done FOR You Solution takes away the stress of marketing so you can focus on talking to donors

Dedicated Success Manager who will be available (and accessible!) by phone during business hours.

Dedicated Data Specialist who will “go over the numbers” so you know exactly who is engaging and who might be ready for a conversation!

Dedicated Service means we’re here to help. We listen to your ideas, make changes, work with your schedule. We’re your marketing partner, not a marketing vendor.

AutoMAGIC Campaign Reporting

Like having “x-ray vision,” see which donors are reading and responding so you know exactly who to prospect for a call!

Make your calls with confidence

Gain insight on what topics inspire your donors to engage (so you know how to lead the call)

See which stories get the best response with your whole list

Receive personalized recommendations during your Strategic Quarterly Reviews

Know for sure your marketing is working

Provide your board with a clear report so they can see what's working

computer iPad and phone

“PGM has been instrumental in assisting with our planned giving message and reaching a donor base previously untapped by our resources. Their creativity, attention to detail, and collaboration have helped us reach a new level with our planned giving marketing.”

Bradley W. Bodmer, Esq.

Assistant Vice President of Development, Siena College

PGM’S No Hassle Guarantee

Consistently connects to your donors so your organization is top of mind when life happens

Dashboard allows you to see donor activity so you know who to call

Content customized and branded for your organization

Phone support always available during business hours

Regular reviews with a data specialist

Increases opportunities for donors to engage

No monthly subscription fee

No lapses in communication

Copywriting, graphic design, and marketing specialists do the work so you can do less sales and more fundraising

Uncovers donors who might be ready for a conversation about a planned gift

Spark Omni Plus Includes:


PGMicrosites™ are the modern-day answer to those tired planned giving websites of yesteryear.

Landing Pages

Drive interested responders to a topic-specific page, promoting them to engage with your marketing.


Utilize the power of email marketing to drive donors to your landing page where they self-identify as interested in making a planned gift.


When donors or advisors have questions about making a planned gift, these printable PDF downloads become an invaluable resource.

Direct Mail

Printed in full color on heavy stock. Professionally designed. Expertly written. Addressed and mailed.

Reporting Dashboard

24/7 access to a password-protected reporting dashboard giving you a detailed view of your campaign’s success and individual donor engagement history.

Spark more interest in your donors today.