How Does the World’s Largest Online Advertising Platform Attract New Business?

Google owns my inbox, my browser, my search engine. They know my every digital move. And even when I’m not on their platforms they’re still serving me ads elsewhere. So, you’d think if Google wanted my attention and my business, they’d know how to find me and get my attention. And you’d be right!

That’s why Google sends me DIRECT MAIL. Yep. Google uses old school direct mail and applies the same, tired techniques direct marketers have been using for years. That’s right. The company synonymous with SEO and all things digital cuts through the very clutter that has earned them billions with a technology whose obituary they started writing 20 years ago.

Google does direct mail right .

1. Get personal. More than just ‘your name here’ personalization, Google leverages our location, industry and advertising history to let me know they’re paying attention.

2. Make an offer. This isn’t about a one-time purchase. This is about a long-term engagement with a solution provider. The offer isn’t ‘more information’. The offer is an enticement to use their service. Test them out. See how it works.

3. Drive responders online. Sure, they got my attention via direct mail, but they want to make it easy for me to respond and they want to use their technology to track it. Campaign specific URLs take responders to the right page, and offer codes or personalized URLs allow them to track them.

4. Give them a deadline. Deadlines create a sense of urgency. It’s the push some people need to decide. I’m sure Google would extend the offer if I asked but it’s a lot easier for me if I respond in a timely fashion.

5. Leave them an out. Not everyone is comfortable responding the way we want them to (online). That’s why in every instance they point me to their landing page, they give me the name and phone number of a person who would be happy to take my call and help me personally.

Like an advertising campaign for a business, a bequest or major gift represents a considered decision for your donors. Relying solely on email or hoping interested parties will look for ‘more information’ on your website is a strategy that leaves too much to chance. Cut through the clutter and use personalized direct mail to your advantage. It works for Google, and it can work for you, too.

To try an effective direct mail strategy for yourself, visit URL for a ready to use template. Or, give us a call and one of our marketing specialists would be happy to walk you through the strategy and help you get results!

Best Wishes,
Jeffrey Stein
Planned Giving Marketing

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