6 Reasons to Hire a Planned Giving Marketing Company (Instead of Trying to DIY)

Have you ever wondered if you could save your organization money by writing your own planned giving marketing and sending it yourself–rather than outsourcing it to a planned giving marketing firm?

Before you make that decision, let’s talk about the “high cost of low cost.” This refers to expenses that don’t have a specific dollar amount, such as time, learning curve, experience, etc.

These hidden expenses cost you in two ways: efficacy and efficiency. 

Here are six ways you can avoid the high cost of low cost by hiring a firm like PGM.


Planned giving marketing companies like PGM bring years of experience. 

As a marketing company, our focus is on your donor and what motivates him or her to make a planned gift. And, because we understand who is most likely to engage, we can help you discover those who are often overlooked.

Planned giving marketing firms like PGM have professionals who strive for impact and response.

PGM has spent years fine tuning our marketing strategy so you get the highest response from direct mail and email. We understand the “secret sauce” of marketing–a consistent cadence that connects to your donors throughout the year. This way, no matter when events in your donors’ lives prompt them to rethink their will and financial plans, your mission will be top of mind.

A planned giving marketing company like PGM does the work for you, so you can accomplish more.

A DIY planned giving marketing campaign forces you to act as a Marketing Director instead of a fundraiser!

  • How will you find time to manage the entire creative and production process?
  • Do you have the team and talent to write effective copy?
  • What about selecting effective design and photography?
  • Do you know the right questions to ask as you research bids for printing and mailing
  • How do you ensure quality by checking colors and proofs?
  • Do you have a designer’s eye to recognize brand consistency so your marketing fully represents your organization?
  • Who do you call for help as you deal with postage permits and USPS red tape?
  • Who will haul the boxes of mailers to the post office?

It’s a lot of work–and the team at PGM loves it. But that’s because this is our whole focus, not an add-on to other job responsibilities.

A planned giving marketing company like PGM gives you more time with donors.

The week(s) it takes you to write, design, print, and mail your campaign costs you way more than the price of hiring PGM to manage the project for you. Plus, the distraction of having to create your own marketing campaign causes you to lose traction and momentum in your own fundraising. 

A planned giving marketing company like PGM works while you sleep.

The combination of digital and print marketing is extraordinarily powerful for effective donor engagement. In fact, because of the digital platform we use in all PGM marketing campaigns, you receive engagement analysis even if you never hear from your donors directly. This way, you know who to call and what to say, so “cold-calling” becomes a thing of the past.

A marketing company like PGM provides a higher ROI immediately (and in the long run).

Which would you say is a bigger win:

  • A campaign that costs you two weeks of work and a few thousand dollars–but gets no response
  • A campaign that costs more money but no time–and shows you who may be interested in hearing from you about making a planned gift

The return you get from working with PGM is hard to measure, because not only do you get a higher response rate, you also get your time back and avoid all the stress. You get a whole team of marketing experts who offer support and strategy so you meet your goals.

Don’t fall for the line that DIY saves you money. Investing in your planned giving program with professional marketing from PGM not only makes your job easier–it makes you more successful.

Give us a call at 480-680-7600 to get started.

Planned Giving Marketing Messages that Have Been Tested, Tried, and Proven to Work.

Get an all-inclusive, single-price planned giving marketing solution that sends your donors tested-and-proven messages at scheduled times throughout the year. You'll be able to see who has engaged, so you have more confidence knowing who to call.

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