Do Planned Giving Newsletters Work?

Have you ever sent out a planned giving newsletters to your donors, but then wonder if it had any effect?

That can be frustrating, because you want to know what’s working! It’s great to hear feedback about your planned giving newsletters, mailer, or emails.

We feel that frustration sometimes, too. We help our clients create engaging stories, and then create a marketing strategy that gives their donors consistent communication throughout the year.

But sometimes we don’t get the feedback on their donors’ response until we sit down to analyze the stats.

That’s what makes THIS acknowledgement so special!

header of newsletter

We helped Malvern Prep school create a meaningful planned giving newsletters for their donors. It’s really been a positive addition to their marketing strategy. In fact, they actually wrote to the Planned Giving Council of Greater Philadelphia to let their readers know newsletters work!

We’re thrilled with the callout! And even more thrilled that our clients are seeing such great benefits from this personalized marketing strategy that they’re actually sharing it with other fundraisers.

Do you need help with a planned giving marketing newsletter or other marketing pieces that will help attract new donors?

Give us a call. Let’s talk about a personalized marketing plan that can work for your timeline and within your budget.


Thank you,
Planned Giving Council of Greater Philadelphia and Malvern Prep for the compliments in the current edition of the PGCGP email newsletter. We’re thrilled the planned giving newsletter is helping Malvern Prep reach its goals!

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