8 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs a Simpler Planned Giving Website

Does the fundraising industry really need another planned giving website solution?

Our clients told us yes, so we created the PGMicrosite, a simpler planned giving website that gives fundraisers an affordable, effective tool that gives donors easy access to planned giving information.

Developed out of research, concerns and feedback gathered from our customers, the result is an affordable, results-driven, clean, modern solution. We dismantled the clunky, expensive planned giving website concept and created a solution that gives you (and your donors) only the stuff that works, so you get the results you want.


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A Simpler Planned Giving Website

When you think of the “essentials” of a website, what comes to mind? Our clients said they want it simple, affordable and backed by really great, attentive service. Part of that great customer service meant no long-term contracts!

We kept all these requests in mind and developed the PGMicrosite™, a stand-alone site that gives your planned giving program a powerful and beautiful web presence so you get more qualified leads that result in conversations.

If you’ve been holding off on subscribing to other services because of the prohibitive costs, or you’ve been struggling to create this content yourself, we think this is the solution you’ve been waiting for!

The Difference of a Simpler Planned Giving Website

So, what makes this planned giving website solution different from the other products on the market? This first is that it was created and developed by a team of online and direct marketers, many of whom have worked in digital marketing for years. (One member of our team has been a digital marketer since 1997!)

All of us have worked on other planned giving website products. We know what’s out there … and we took the concept apart and reconstructed a solution unique to the planned giving donor.

Now, what makes the site itself different?


The focus of the PGMicrosite is not planned giving education, because that’s not your objective as a fundraiser!

Donors don’t come to a planned giving website to learn about the intricate mechanics of a CRUT, or how to give a tax break to their heirs. They are looking to learn ways they can support the organization, what types of gifts and opportunities the organization offers, and who they need to contact to talk through the details of their gift. Making this information easy to access is one of the reasons this simpler planned giving website is so effective.

Inspiring and useful content

Donors make planned gifts because they love the organization, its people and its mission. And the best way to showcase all the good your organization accomplishes is by telling stories. Inspiring donor stories connect to prospects in a powerful way. These stories help prospects linger longer, because the content on our simpler planned giving website feels more accessible.

Content That Helps Donors Selp Identify

In order for a marketing message to be effective, it has to be written in a personal way to a targeted audience. Think about it: if you’re trying to get your supporters to engage, the more specific you can be, the more likely it is that someone will respond.  For example, if you’re a university, you tweak your message based on audience: you craft a fundraising message specific to alumni that is slightly different than the one to parents of students or even incoming students.

The same thing happens with planned giving donors. This donor has a specific profile, and you message is more. Planned giving website content will not convert a donor into a planned giver, so we don’t talk to those people. Our content focuses on the needs of these donors who are planned givers, letting them know you are in the business of planned giving, that it’s normal and easy to make a planned gift to your organization, and who (and how) they need to contact to take the next step.

Easy, modern, clean design and interface

A planned giving website shouldn’t be a headache for you and your team to manage. We’ll give you a sleek, modern design that’s easy for your donors to use, and easy for YOU to manage. (We’ll manage it for you!)

You’ll get an easy-to-share custom web address, specific to your organization or legacy society, so your donors recognize your website as “home.”

The best part: there’s ZERO IT department involvement to get your site live, and no technical headaches like conflicting navigation or page template. Plus, it makes it easy to direct donors your marketing campaigns via a simple website address.

Responsive design

Your donors are going to view your website from a lot of different places: laptop, desktop, phone and tablet. A PGMicrosite is a simpler planned giving website, but it’s also fully functional, easy to read and navigate on every device.

Customer service 

We are in business to serve you. Our team is responsive and accessible. If you call or email us, you can expect assistance. If you need help, we are here for you. Period.

Transparent pricing

For our PGMicrosite, pay $1,995 per year plus a one-time setup fee of $500. Contracts run year-to-year, with no multi-year contracts required!

In sum, our simpler planned giving websites offer exactly what you need; nothing that you don’t.

Schedule a Conversation and decide if a PGMicrosite™ is right for you and your organization.

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